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Everest HD DVREverest HD and DVR Come Together

Lenexa, KS - Everest Connections will begin offering the High-Definition Digital Video Recorder (HD DVR) in January, 2005. The HD DVR combines the control of a digital video recorder with the brilliance of HDTV in one set-top box.

"DVR has changed the way people think about TV. It no longer matters what time a program is on because TV shows are on when customers say they're on," said David Ballew, Everest Marketing Director. "People love it. And once customers know what it’s like to have the TV wait for them, they don’t want to go back to ordinary TV again."

Everest's new HD DVR set-top delivers outstanding capabilities and control. Every model has two tuners, so consumers can watch one show while recording another – or watch a recorded show while recording two others. They’re intuitive and easy to use. And they dramatically improve customers' TV enjoyment.

For customers wanting to upgrade their cable service to HD DVR, please call 913-825-3000.

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